Invited Symposia for ECP20 in 2020 (to be confirmed for 2022)

1. “Marvin Zuckerman” organized Joseph Glicksohn, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
2. “Personality Development” organized by Wiebke Bleidorn, University of California, USA
3. “Two-Factor Model of Personality and its extensions” organized by Jan Cieciuch, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, Warsaw, Poland
4. “Big data” organized by Michal Kosinski, Stanford University, USA
5. “Ambition: The Psychology of Status” organized by Robert Hogan, Hogan Assessment Systems
6. "Cross-cultural Personality Assessment in a Digital World - Opportunities and Challenges” by Ronald Fischer, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zeland
7. "Individual differences in values and political individual/group behavior" by Eldad Davidov

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